Grand Canyon trip
Grand Canyon tripGrand Voyager- Combination airplane, rafting and helicopter tour!

You do it all on this tour - fly to the Grand Canyon by airplane, see some of the Canyon from the top, take a helicopter ride to the bottom, and then go for a raft ride on the Colorado!

On the flight to the Grand Canyon you enjoy great views of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the west part of the Grand Canyon. When you get there you will hop into a helicopter for a 4000 foot descent to the bottom of the Canyon, where you will land, and get into a raft for a ride along the Colorado River. After the raft trip you will get back into the helicopter for back to the top, where the Hualapai Indians will serve you a light meal at Guano Point. You fly back to Vegas by airplane.

The tour is approximately seven hours from hotel to hotel, with a 30 minute flight each way. The boat ride is 15 to 25 minutes long. Like all the planes, this one has two engines, and wings that are above the windows. The windows are large for optimum sightseeing. The tour narration is in 16 languages.

Grand Canyon trip
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