Grand Canyon trip
Grand Canyon trip Havasupai Helicopter Hiking Tour

This is one of the most unique tours you will ever take! Leaving from the Grand Canyon you will descend into an amazing oasis of blue water and green trees in the middle of the Grand Canyon desert. Please note that in the season this tour sells out months ahead of time!

The Havasupai (people of the blue green waters) Indians live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and you will take a helicopter from the South Rim to visit them. After landing there is a hike or a mule ride to the famous Supai waterfalls. Be aware that the Havasupai do not always show up with the mules, so be prepared to hike two to three miles to get there!

There is great swimming below the falls, and, if you have the energy, you can also hike down the river to the next large falls, Mooney Falls. This canyon and river combination go on for six miles before meeting up with the Colorado River.

A box lunch is included. Please remember to bring plenty of water and comfortable hiking shoes with ankle supports. A hat and suntan lotion are also essential. Times are subject to change, but departures are generally about 9.30 a.m., with a return of 3.30 p.m., for a total of seven hours.

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